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Things we love(d) about Korea

Here’s a rundown of what we loved about having lived in Korea for the past two years. We left in April and miss a lot of great things. We want to get this down finish this blog so we can … Continue reading

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So long and thanks for all the fish.

So, as a geek, I’ve been waiting for this good-bye for a while. Mokpo is the seafood capital of the Korea, so we’ve been flooded (ha! get it?) with octopus, eels, flounder, skatefish, (ugh!), snapper, and anything else with fins. … Continue reading

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Numbers in Korea

Before we get going, if your reading this because you are our friends and family and you’re thinking, “Geez, Akasha is a big geek.”  Well, you should know that already.  If not, welcome to my mind.  This is a blog … Continue reading

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Winter vacation: Island hopping in London and Dublin

Well, it is March, so we might as well share what we did in January.  Such is the schedule of blogging and living – always so much to do and much less time to record it in. Korean public schools break for … Continue reading

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Teaching round-up

We really don’t post enough about our teaching activites here. It’s really a blast to teach elementary kids, because, well, the cliches are true. Kids are empty sponges soaking up stuff, and it’s fun to watch them squeeze knowledge back … Continue reading

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Fall in Jeollanam-do

I love fall in Korea. It is warmer, sunnier, and drier than fall in MN. It is also beautiful.  We are also 12° south of MN , and in dry season so, unfortunately, we don’t have all the amazing leaf colors MN … Continue reading

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Chuseok Road Trip Time!

A couple of weeks ago (Spet 29 – Oct 3) we had a 5 day holiday to celebrate the harvest festival of Chuseok, and Korea’s National Foundation Day. So, what better way to celebrate Korean holidays than with an American tradition: Roadtrip!!! After … Continue reading

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