So long and thanks for all the fish.


So, as a geek, I’ve been waiting for this good-bye for a while. Mokpo is the seafood capital of the Korea, so we’ve been flooded (ha! get it?) with octopus, eels, flounder, skatefish, (ugh!), snapper, and anything else with fins. It’s been a wonderful bounty, but, enough! So, thanks for all the fish, Mokpo, but it’s time to go, and it was best said by Douglas Adams. Shawn and Maury, I can’t believe you left that untouched.

We’ve loved the last 2 years in Mokpo and have tried to enjoy as much of the R.O.K. as we could.  Granted, we didn’t get to do all that we wanted to, but we had a lot of fun.

Que Edit Piaf

On the regrets list: We never did a Buddhist temple stay, we never made it to the northeastern most province, and we didn’t make it to 3 of the 7 Korean baseball stadiums. That’s it.

On the main, I’m going to miss this list:

My school has been amazing and these last few days I have been spoiled rotten.  My students are amazing, they are so smart, so funny, such genuine people and I will miss them.


The weather.  Our warm climate friends have their complaints, but as a cold climate girl, Mokpo has spoiled me.  We love this coast line, the islands, the mountains, and how much warmer the winters are. We don’t love the summer, with its wet suffocating heat.

Our friends: The last two years we have made friends with some really amazing people.  It is unlikely that we will all ever be together again; Mokpo was a vortex of cool. Now we have scattered with the winds to Australia, Mexico, the Ukraine, London, Canada, the States. We hope to see them again.  Fortunately, we made several friends from MN, WI, and IL.  Lucky us.IMG_6382

Our neighborhood: Our east side friends like their hood, but we LOVE this part of town.  There aren’t very many of us foreigners over here and we are treated like family.  Our market owners, chicken restaurant, bakery, fruit vendors, and neighbors are all our friends.  All week neighbors have been wishing us well and we will miss them.  We love our Nordeast Minneapolis and if hoods could have sister hoods, Old Mokpo has its sister here in Yeonsan.IMG_6369

We have other Mokpo blogs in the can, we just need to finish them off. Coming up soon: Trips, Classy, and Love.   We have a big ol’ busy summer ahead of us.  I’ll be graduating with my masters, we’ll be going on trips to Alaska and the Boundary Waters, and Mike will be going on a writer’s retreat.

We will be staying in the suburbs, without a car or a phone.  Please be patient with us – communication may be a bit slow.

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2 Responses to So long and thanks for all the fish.

  1. Annie says:

    Hello, I’m Annie. I’m a gam ja tang restaurant owner’s daughter. I called you to farewell to you. but another person answered. I was very happy that we met together. I want that you can have a good memories in Korea. Go to Incheon carefully with your dog! And say to Mike thank you for teaching me!. Be happy in USA! Let’s skype together and talk with you. Thank you! Bye Bye!

  2. Tom McGinn says:

    You guys have nothing to regret. Safe journeys! Peace and Love.

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